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Reading is distracting. It is paying attention, searching, and collecting. Reading is plastic, creative work that is affected by methods of publishing and the devices we use. People read more, and more often. Typography and, by extension, graphic design gave rise to a reading public more vast than the preceding manuscript culture allowed or cared for. So I approach reading by way of graphic design.

Because of my interest in reading—in the what, where, how, and why people read, I created Publishing-Stuff, a digital/physical publishing space as an inquiry into reading habits. This online resource, free and open to all, contains writing and projects on the matter. Books that are produced per request throughout the exhibition, will be shaped in response to participants’ reading conventions. This project is built of thoughts, texts, images, and other media dealing with reading and the reader experience. I will use this collection together with my own authored content and a Savin digital duplicator to create said booklets in a gallery space over the duration of the thesis show. By occupying, working in, and treating the gallery like a studio, I also exhibit graphic design by showcasing the process as a kind of performance.

Publishing-Stuff is a digital publishing endeavor and print-per-request book shop exploring how we read in an effort to design better reading experiences.